The Derailment
The Derailment / The "Depths" Of the human soul. Less Hypocritically Poses. More natural posture, Personal Charisma and the nature of the human body. Porn pour votre cœur. Boys and Men in all their facets. Real Masculine, Poetic Males. No boring attitudes. The Beauty of man. The perversion of his and your fantasies. It is all about the fine arts of pacing. Hommes poilus. Curated masculinity. Heter-, bi- and homosexual perspectives. The derailment of the imaginative. The aesthetics in our eyes. The everyday sexual madness - your beards, your hairy legs, your bodies, my weakness ... Fashion, so called fetish and selected music for a real break. Because only a good life makes us beautiful people. It depends on what we consume, when and how. And: What good is love, that no one shares? Please be of age per your city state and country laws. View with care and enjoy!

from Russia with love